Opening of Weber 2.0, the Max Weber Foundation research blog platform

Weber 2.0 is the new scholarly blog platform of the Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institute Abroad and its institutes and partners. The platform is operated in conjunction with OpenEdition, under the umbrella of Hypotheses and in close cooperation with the German-language Hypotheses platform, which was initiated in 2011 by DHI Paris.

The goal is to create a network by connecting scholars at the institutes  abroad and in the host countries to each other as well as to the scientific communities in Germany by providing them with new, up-to-date forums for communication, collaboration and presentation of their research.

The Max Weber Foundation is making a commitment to creating a sustainable virtual infrastructure for professional communication in the humanities, which enables the potential for virtual collaboration, open distribution of information and the processing of knowledge to be fully realized.

This opens up new possibilities, especially for the international exchange of knowledge. The promotion of transnational, comparative humanities research is a characteristic of the Max Weber Foundation, and is what this platform is fundamentally about. The aim is to stimulate transnational dialogue on various topics, and active networking among stakeholders across borders. This way, scientific discourse and ideas from other countries can be taught in Germany and vice versa.


Hypotheses research blogs platform is now organized in several linguistic subdivisions corresponding to Spanish-, German- and French-speaking bloggers’ communities. Other platforms, operated and hosted by Hypotheses, but with their own scientific and editorial management, have been created in the last few months, i.e. L’intelligence du monde. Le portail de carnets de recherche de l’Institut français.

If your university, research centre or academic organization wishes to open its own platform with Hypotheses, feel free to contact us:


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