OpenEdition and the international structuring of Open Access

On the importance of international organisations in the structuring of the Open Access movement, as part of reflections on the articulation between academic publishing and Open Access.

The Open Access movement is a recent development in the history of academic publication. It is mainly represented by several international organisations working outside the national institutional scope, enabling issues to be tackled on more suitable scales. Whether associations or networks, these organisations help define the Open Access landscape by debating its issues, laying down directions of evolution, and by influencing public policy. 
To encourage concerted approaches among international acts within collective organisations, OpenEdition is a member of several Open Access associations, especially:

Within the framework of the Budapest conference, we contributed to the  Budapest Open Access Initiative Declaration as well as to its French translation.
 We also took part in discussions have led to the creation of the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB);

OpenEdition Books, our future platform dedicated to books, will have a major contribution to make to this directory.
 Many university presses have already joined us, and we have also formed alliances with other university presses deeply involved in Open Access in a number of countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, among others. We shall be informing you of new additions to the OpenEdition Books catalogue in a few months time.

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