Do you want to work for OpenEdition and promote open access? It’s time to make us know!

OpenEdition recruits several people with various skills:
– responsable de projets d’édition électronique :
– développeur open source :
– chargé de projet OpenEdition Manuscripts
– in the future, we will also hire a community manager for Hypotheses and
more people with IT, digital publishing, community management and
documentation skills.

Speaking French is mandatory. People native from different languages are
very welcome. These full time jobs are located in Marseilles, France,
without any exception (no teleworking).

Marin Dacos

Marin Dacos (CNRS) is the founder and director of OpenEdition. He has been awarded two Google Digital Humanities Research Awards (2010 and 2011) and the CNRS Innovation Medal (2016).

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