OpenEdition Freemium at IFLA 2011 in Puerto Rico

Guerita black and white. A guard post in San Juan Puerto RicoFor the second consecutive year, the Centre for open electronic publishing (Cléo) will take part in the annual congress of the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions), which will be held this year in San Juan in Puerto Rico from 13 to 18 August 2011. Jean-Christophe Peyssard, in charge of partnership development and the Freemium programme, will present the OpenEdition platform at this event. Launched by the Cléo in February 2011, OpenEdition encompasses the three electronic open access platforms:, Calenda and

The presentation will outline the Freemium’s objectives: the development of an economic model for open access and the promotion of a central role for libraries in the diffusion of these resources. Freemium is a new way for libraries to become major players in giving access to knowledge and encouraging its dissemination.

For more detailed information, read the abstract of Jean-Christophe Peyssard’s presentation below:

“In February 2011, the Centre for open electronic publishing (Cléo, France) launched the new portal OpenEdition. Mainly focused on the humanities and social sciences, this portal encompasses three open access platforms: (290 academic journals and book series), Calenda (15 000 academic event annoucements), (180 scholarly blogs). OpenEdition provides content to 2 million users per month worldwide. The journal platform alone,, founded in 1999, is now an umbrella for 143 full open access journals.
OpenEdition aims at developing an innovative economic model for Open Access through a Freemium programme, tailored for libraries and their patrons. OpenEdition Freemium offers a set of services on top of the open access contents delivered on its three platforms. OpenEdition Freemium is an opportunity for libraries to get involved in developing a global open access ecosystem for scholars and students. It is designed to give libraries a central position and an active part in the support of open access. The gated content system slows the dissemination of knowledge and puts libraries in the position of mere gatekeepers, worsening the digital divide. After 20 years, neither the green road nor gold road to open access has succeeded in developing the model of Open Access publication through libraries. The Centre for open electronic publishing now offers a third road to open access, the OpenEdition Freemium programme.

Further information on Freemium
Further information on IFLA 2011

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