OpenEdition Press launches its bilingual Brésil / France series

OpenEdition Press has recently published Mémoire et nouveaux patrimoines (Portuguese edition: Memória e novos patrimônios), the inaugural titles of its bilingual series Brésil / France – Brasil / França. This twin publication is the result of collaboration between French and Brazilian research teams. The texts, originally written alternately in Portuguese and French, have been translated and then published in full in both languages.
Edited by Cécile Tardy and Vera Dodebei, this first title brings together fifteen academics to examine issues such as the making of heritage, social memory and memorialisation. The first, theory-based section presents the academics’ points of views on the issues and compares their approaches to the relationship between social memory and heritage designation. The second section presents a series of six case studies, which aim to show in concrete terms how the memory/heritage relationship is at play in Brazilian and French society. The publication is aimed both at readers in the humanities and social sciences (academics, teachers and students) who are interested in the issue of social memory and heritage, and at professionals working within the spheres of heritage development and memory.

Four other titles will be published in 2015, again with twin French and Portuguese editions.


Like all titles in the OpenEdition Press catalogue, the two titles are published in open access HTML under a CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence. They are available at the following addresses:

The ePub edition is on sale  ansthe print edition is available on

They are also on sale in ePub format from OpenEdition’s digital bookstore and in print-on-demand edition from website.

Lusophone OpenEdition

The titles have been produced in cooperation with the Capes (Coordenação de aperfeiçoamento do pessoal de nível superior, Ministério da Educaçã, Brasil) and the French Embassy in Brazil. OpenEdition has been building ties with the Portuguese-speaking academic community and publishers for several years. Its collections currently include over 20 humanities and social science journals published in Brazil, Portugal or Angola, as well as books on the Lusophone world published in particular by the Éditions de l’Institut des hautes études de l’Amérique latine (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3). These publications will be presented on this blog over the coming weeks and at our stand at the Paris Salon de Livre on 20–23 March.

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