A thousand blogs in the Hypotheses catalogue

Buddha, buddha, buddha

We are pleased to announce that our thousandth blog has just been added to the Hypotheses catalogue. This symbolic figure is a crowning moment for the platform, which is now six years old. It attests to the dynamism of our blogging community and the quality of the content published on Hypotheses each day.

To mark the occasion, we are showcasing a number of blogs that represent the disciplines, topics, countries and languages present on the platform. Our French-, German– and Spanish-language teams would therefore like to introduce you to a selection of ten blogs that have recently joined Hypotheses:

Being listed in the catalogue is an important moment for a Hypotheses blog, as it adds value to active blogs with a structured publishing project. Cataloguing makes blogs more visible and better referenced, in particular because they are attributed an ISSN by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. It also makes it possible for interested readers to subscribe to the blog and receive regular alerts about its new posts.

If your blog has not yet been listed in our catalogue and you think it should be, please contact us at hypotheses[at]openedition.org.

On behalf of the Hypotheses team and academic board, we would like to express our deep thanks to bloggers for the vitality of their community, the quality of their publications and their constant inventiveness in developing new practices on their Hypotheses blogs.

See you very soon on Hypotheses!

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