3 000 Humanities and Social Science books to discover on OpenEdition Books

The OpenEdition Books platform is now home to 3 000 books. Our bid to digitally disseminate humanities and social books is proving a success. And these books are reaching an increasingly large readership, one that extends well beyond the scientific and academic community. OpenEdition Books received 3 million unique visitors in 2015, and almost 12 million pages were consulted. The reason for this success? 80% of the publications are available in open access, anywhere in the world.


Innovation to support the spread of knowledge

OpenEdition Books is the latest creation from OpenEdition, which also includes Revues.org (a journals platform), Calenda (a calendar for the humanities and social sciences) and Hypotheses (a blogs/research blogs platform). OpenEdition was built using Equipex funding granted in 2012. The aim is to create an internationally leading platform of 15 000 humanities and social science publications – most of them in open access – by 2019.

OpenEdition is a cutting-edge platform, thanks to its extensive work on the ergonomics of reading texts online, its original hybrid economic model combining open access with a “Freemium” option guaranteeing income to publishers, multi-channel distribution to libraries and individual readers, the involvement of publishers themselves in the platform’s development, and specific referencing and indexing services, which integrate the platform into the international ecosystem of the science of tomorrow.

A cornucopia of publications to understand the world

Fifty-six publishers are now showcasing a selection of their lists on the platform; they will be joined by twenty others over the coming months. 80% of the publications are in open access, and this proportion is set to rise higher still. The 56 active publishers include CNRS Éditions (159 books), the Collège de France (123), the Studies, Prospecting and Statistics Department of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (110), the Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme (94), ENS Éditions (Lyon) (81), the Graduate Institute of Genève (120), the French Institute of Andean Studies (216), the French Institute of the Near East (135), the Presses universitaires de Rennes (489), and many others besides. The platform welcomes state publishers, university presses and private publishing companies interested in open access knowledge diffusion, which is not incompatible with a viable economic model. OpenEdition Books is also an international platform, home to non-French publishers and books published in various languages by French institutions based abroad (English, Spanish and Arabic, among others). Indeed, 60% of visits to the platform come from outside France.

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