The Hypotheses and OpenEdition Scientific Boards have suspended the publication of content on Jacques Sapir’s Russeurope blog.

MARSEILLE, 28 September 2017. Following a unanimous vote of the OpenEdition Scientific Board and the Hypotheses Scientific Board, on 26 September 2017 the OpenEdition team suspended Jacques Sapir’s right to publish content on the Hypotheses blog Russeurope.

All the content already published on Russeurope remains accessible to readers. No text published by Jacques Sapir on this Hypotheses blog has been altered or removed. However, no new content will be published on it. An archive of all the posts has been sent to the author.

The OpenEdition and Hypotheses Scientific Boards informed Jacques Sapir several weeks ago that the mass publication of posts disconnected from an academic and scientific context had no place on Hypotheses. The author was informed that his rights to write on his blog would be suspended if he pursued this misuse of the platform. As a result of the publication of new posts taking a similar approach, this suspension has been implemented.

There are many possible online hosts for an opinion blog. These will, no doubt, allow Jacques Sapir to publish online easily.

The OpenEdition and Hypotheses Scientific Boards

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