is becoming OpenEdition Journals

Our OpenEdition portal is growing and expanding across Europe and beyond. In this context, OpenEdition Journals will succeed in December 2017, responding to the need for our historical platform to change with the times by strengthening its international dimension.

Why OpenEdition Journals? On the one hand, we are welcoming more and more journals from new linguistic areas, while not forgetting our origins and maintaining our strength as a French-language catalogue. This name change is a response to this development and also reflects our desire to gain international visibility among the public, researchers and international research actors.

On the other hand, the deployment of OpenEdition Journals is part of a broader project to modernize, the oldest of the four OpenEdition platforms, created in 1999. This will harmonise it with our book platform OpenEdition Books. will change its name in December 2017. You will be able  to access it at the following address: An automatic redirection will be set up for all journals, which will also change address.
For example, in the case of the journal Sociologie du travail, will become

This change clearly shows our commitment to the development of open science, a concept now fundamental to science policy across the world.

The OpenEdition team

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