OpenEdition–DOAB partnership: The DOAB reaches the milestone of 10,000 open access books!

A key step has just been achieved in terms of enhancing the visibility of open access books: the DOAB (Directory of Open Access books), represented by OpenEdition for the French-speaking world, now has more than 10,000 books. The partnership between OpenEdition and the DOAB is crucial for the referencing and promotion of French-language open access publications: nearly 3,000 online books on the OpenEdition Books platform are referenced in the DOAB, i.e. over 50 French but also Spanish, Italian, German and Canadian publishers.
This means that OpenEdition contributes 30% of the total number of books and 20% of the overall number of publishers.

This year, OpenEdition has made a special effort to raise publishers’ awareness of the referencing of their works in the DOAB. Forty publishers who publish their books on OpenEdition Books have accepted to be referenced in the DOAB, adding more than 2,000 books to the DOAB’s catalogue.
OpenEdition wishes to thank the publishers for this successful collaboration. We would like to reiterate that publishers will be increasingly encouraged to list their titles in the DOAB and that OpenEdition can support them in this process.

Launched in 2012, the DOAB was developed by OAPEN (a European foundation based in the Netherlands) and is receiving increasing support from OpenEdition. It is open to all publishers publishing books in open access and following peer review procedures. The DOAB aims to list as many books as possible in all disciplines, provided that these publications are published in open access and comply with the standards and best practices of scientific publishing.

Service providers and libraries wishing to integrate DOAB books into their collections and catalogues will find the necessary technical information on the DOAB website. All the metadata displayed by the DOAB are available under a CC0 1.0 licence.

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