A new search engine for OpenEdition!

OpenEdition has launched a new version of its search engine: search.openedition.org. With a
change of design and a “responsive”, multilingual version, this new engine optimizes
searching the over 700,000 documents published on the four OpenEdition platforms.

The redesign of the search engine has focused on several technical and graphic design
aspects. The search engine now offers:  

  • new filters (language detected, access to documents, improvements to the date filter);
  • a better consideration of the specific characteristics of the four platforms;
  • a search perimeter refocused on editorial content;
  • a new graphic design;
  • a responsive interface, adapted to mobile devices;
  • consideration of accessibility recommendations;
  • a multilingual interface (French and English and soon Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • and German).

As part of our plans to redesign the OpenEdition platforms, this new search engine
points toward how our platforms will continue to evolve in terms of design and ergonomics.

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