Open annotations: Call for participation

Are you interested in exploring new dynamics of direct scientific communication? Take part in the open peer review experiment on OpenEdition Books! From February to June 2019, you will be able to publicly annotate a dozen titles selected for this purpose.

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As part of the EU project HIRMEOS, we are proposing a new service for monographs: annotations. The implementation of this feature is accompanied by an experimental phase, the objective of which is to create a space for scientific conversation around publications. Any user who wishes so can from today:

  • Offer a critique of the ideas that make up the texts.
  • Open new avenues for reflection.
  • Add elements enriching the publications.
  • Respond to comments from other annotators.

The tool used to add the annotations has been developed by our partner, Our online user guide will help you to get started with this tool.

We warmly thank the Casa de Velázquez, ENS Éditions and Presses de l’Enssib for their participation and involvement in this experiment. Thanks also to the authors who have signed up to this project and given their enthusiastic permission to activate annotations on their publications!

Works selected for the experiment

Casa de Velázquez

Presses de l’enssib

ENS Éditions

OpenEdition Press

For any further information, please contact us at the following address:

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