The first OpenEdition Books Select campaign comes to an end: 26 titles published in open access

A total of 26 humanities and social science titles are now available in open access on OpenEdition thanks to OpenEdition Books Select, the first French-language crowdfunding programme. This pilot project, whose first fundraising campaign is coming to an end, aimed to publish a bundle of peer-reviewed books in open access through the support of libraries the world over.

Launched in partnership with Couperin – the French consortium of universities and research institutions for access to digital publications – OpenEdition Books Select began in May 2018 and was closed in April 2019. This crowdfunding campaign aimed to release 30 titles in open access. To achieve this goal, 125 libraries and institutions needed to subscribe to the offer (€1,200 per subscription). OpenEdition turned to Knowledge Unlatched for its expertise in crowdfunding.

In total, 64 libraries and institutions supported this campaign. In order to open up as many titles as possible, OpenEdition relinquished its commission and asked the publishers to lower the release amount for titles of theirs published before 2017. We would like to thank the publishers for their contribution to the success of this campaign.

Six titles from 2018/2019 were published in February. Now, 20 back catalogue titles, published between 2017 and 2010, have just been published (and will soon be available on OAPEN):

We warmly thank the libraries and institutions that contributed to the release of these books as well as the publishers and the Couperin consortium for their involvement, which enabled the implementation of a funding model for open science and bibliodiversity.

Libraries can promote these titles in their catalogues via the Kbart lists and Unimarc records for the 26 titles available: here.

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