Launch of a New Releases Standing Order for libraries

On 1st October, OpenEdition is launching a New Releases Standing Order to meet the growing demands of libraries and institutions within the framework of its OpenEdition Freemium programme. This service will make it easier for libraries to locate and purchase recent digital publications on OpenEdition Books.

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Designed in the form of a subscription, like the “Standing Order” system practised in libraries and bookshops, the New Releases Standing Order allows each library to select which collections it wishes to systematically have access to as soon as books are uploaded online. This will be a real time-saver in terms of making titles available to readers.

Each publisher on the New Releases Standing Order is making a commitment that the digital version of any new title published in print will be published on OpenEdition Books within a maximum of three months. They are also committing to publishing all the digital titles in the given collection on our platform.

This new offer was designed with the help of the Couperin Consortium and the University of Michigan Library, which has been experimenting with this method of purchase for more than a year.

How does this “Digital Standing Order” work?

Each library can subscribe for one year to the collections it is interested in. The New Releases Catalogue will be updated once a year to include new publishers and collections. At any time libraries will be able to subscribe to new collections and thus enrich their subscription.

During the subscription process, and before signing up, librarians will be able to evaluate the estimated annual sum to pay, reflecting their selection of collections. Quarterly invoicing will be issued retrospectively on the basis of titles actually published.

The books that are part of the New Releases Standing Order will be purchased permanently, without DRMs or download quotas.

A great variety of collections from renowned academic publishers

Seventeen publishers, representing 75 collections in total, are taking part in the launch: Accademia University Press, Casa de Velázquez, Collège de France, Éditions Contrechamps, Éditions de la Bibliothèque publique d’information, Éditions ies, Editorial UNRN, ENS Éditions, Institut de la gestion publique et du développement économique, MOM Éditions, Presses de l’Inalco, Presses universitaires de Caen, Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée, Presses universitaires de Strasbourg, Presses universitaires du Septentrion, Publicações do Cidehus and UGA Éditions.

A total of 135 books – including some natively digital books – are included in this “Digital Standing Order”.


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