Electronic publishing in developing countries: the emergence of new models? A Summer university conference

Le monde au carréWe wished to open our series of conferences at the Summer University in open electronic publishing with consideration of the international aspect of digital publishing. What is new in the developing world? The Argentine Octavio Kulesz will provide us with an up-to-date account of a world undergoing rapid change.

“As we know, the digital world is transforming the very basis of publishing worldwide. Clearly, this process has increased in strength extraordinarily since the release of the Kindle and the iPad. However, in developing countries (which represents the great majority of the world’s population and is today the engine of world growth) Kindles and iPads are almost unknown. Does that mean that digital publishing is also unknown in the developing world? Not at all: a large number of business people in these countries are working on very powerful local models that are not mentioned in the mainstream media but which demonstrate that Latin America, the Middle East, Russia, India and China will play a central role in the digital publishing of the future.”

Octavio Kulesz was a professor of ancient philosophy at Buenos Aires University until 2006. He has worked in the publishing field since 2000 when he created the publishing company Libros del Zorzal with his brother Leopoldo. After entering the Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year programme (British Council, UK), in 2007 he founded Teseo, the first digital publisher in Argentina (POD+ebooks) and, in 2010, he set up Digital Minds Network with colleagues in Egypt and South Africa to encourage digital publishing in developing countries. Octavio Kulesz directed research into “Digital Publishing in Developing Countries”, led by the Alliance Internationale des Éditeurs Indépendants with the support of the Prince Claus Fund.

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