Information for our Readers: Access to OpenEdition Content

We inform our readers that our content remains accessible and that all our services are provided during this exceptional period of containment. Due to the circumstances, some events published on Calenda may be cancelled or postponed. The content of Hypotheses’ blogs is open access, as is the vast majority of documents on OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books. For the content and formats available in reserved or exclusive access, we are working on a technical way that will allow us to make them open access, in agreement with institutions subscribing to the Freemium programs, as well as books and journals publishers.

Our open access content

95% of OpenEdition Journals’ content is available in open access. The platform brings together more than 500 journals published in many languages and covers all humanities and social science disciplines produced in 35 countries.

More than 9,000 books are published, 80% of which are open access, on OpenEdition Books. Dedicated to book series in all languages and in all fields of research in the humanities and social sciences, OpenEdition Books encourages publishers to develop open access by opening their publications.

All the texts published on Hypotheses’ academic blogs are in open access. Hypotheses, a multilingual platform, brings together more than 3,000 blogs, driven by a vast international scientific community, over all the human and social sciences disciplines.

Calenda, a multilingual and collaborative calendar, now gathers more than 40,000 announcements of scientific events (symposia, seminars, study days, scholarship offers, calls for papers, etc.) in open access, thus constituting a panorama and a unique archive of activities in the human and social sciences, in France and around the world.

Extended opening of all content on OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books

The OpenEdition team is contacting the journals and books publishers using OpenEdition to inform them about the possibility of opening all their content on OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books. Starting next week, access should thus be progressively opened on the websites for which we will have received the permission. We will regularly inform you of the content that will be opened and we would like to point out that Couperin offers a page that lists the access facilities set up by publishers and platforms.

Cancellation or postponement of events on Calenda

If you are a Calenda reader and had planned to attend one of the events published on the calendar, it is highly likely that it will not take place, especially if it was scheduled in March or April. Some seminars are held by videoconference. We invite you to contact the organisers of these events for more information.

If you are the organiser of an event published on Calenda, do not hesitate to inform us of its postponement or cancellation by writing at calenda[at] so that we can update it. You can also inform us of possible alternative organisational methods such as videoconferencing.

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