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We have just reached the milestone of 10,000 books available online on OpenEdition Books. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a selection of 10 book series that have recently been published on the platform, illustrating the diversity and richness of its catalogue. A big thank you to all the publishers who have put their trust in us since the launch of the platform in 2013!

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“Enquête”, Éditions de l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
“Enquête” brings together works on epistemology and research practice in the social sciences. Covering mainly anthropology, sociology and history, it also interrogates modelling sciences such as economics and demography. At the cutting edge of research, it considers in particular the implementation of new tools for processing empirical data as well as tools of theoretical development, on all fronts where knowledge objects and interpretative pathways are being reconstructed.

“Indisciplines”, Éditions Quæ
This interdisciplinary series deals with the relationships that societies have, consciously or not, with their natural environment, and its transformations through direct relationships, representations or uses. It focuses in particular on the environmental issues that concern our societies today, whether they are tackled in their entirety or analysed in terms of their most local dimensions. Works in the collection mobilise the earth sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and engineering sciences, and all research approaches, ethics included.

“Socio-logiques”, Presses universitaires du Midi
Faced with the increasing complexity of societies, modern sociology is breaking new ground. It increasingly experiences the need for concrete analyses that rigorously account for specific phenomena. From this perspective, the “Socio-logiques” series publishes work aimed at highlighting, via specific objects, the complex methods of social construction.

“Questioni di genere”, Rosenberg & Sellier
This series offers research, studies and reflections on the social construction of gender roles and models. Different interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives intersect and converge to analyse language practices and representations around gender. It intends to offer a window on contemporary thinking that aims to develop links between bodies and identities, the dimensions of power and also transformative spaces in terms of relations between genders.

“Mondes Indiens/South Asia”, Institut français de Pondichéry
Centred on the history, society, economy and culture of southern India, in particular the Tamil area, this collection publishes original research in order to bring forth new insights on the society and culture of pre-modern, modern and contemporary India. Beyond this new research, its other objective is to make the vernacular literatures and historical sources of these regions accessible to a wide audience with translations in French and English.

“Essais et savoirs”, Presses universitaires de Vincennes
Concision rules in this series, which welcomes individual or collective research from various disciplines. Books are limited to 192 pages, thus requiring authors to present their arguments in a concise, synthetic fashion. Its diversity stems from the free choice of approaches, historical or literary, aesthetic or linguistic. It is also a gamble, to have personal essays coexist alongside scholarly work: “Erudition, writing: the two extremes of research”. https://books.openedition.org/puv/5314

“Études orientales, slaves et néo-helléniques”, Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
This series brings together monographs and collective works on the languages, literatures and history of Eastern and Balkan Europe, and the Middle, Near and Far East. Unique in its genre in the French publishing landscape, it publishes the research, in French and English, of recognized specialists on the Arab, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Japanese and Chinese cultural areas. It particularly favours interdisciplinary, intercultural and comparative approaches.

“Quaderni di bioetica”, Mimesis Edizioni
Dedicated to bioethics, the collection brings together works from conferences organized by the CIRB (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Bioetica). Drawing on scientific methods, thanks to the support of researchers qualified in the various disciplines concerned, and in a climate of constant and constructive dialogue with representatives of different cultural positions, these works plot out a common reflection on questions concerning the identity of the human person and the fate of future generations.

“Traductologie”, Artois Presses Université
This series aims to tackle all issues of translation, as they arise and as resolved or negotiated yesterday and today, whether through theoretical studies or case studies, and regardless of the language areas involved.

“Eidôlon”, Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux
Devoted to the imagination, “Eidôlon” brings together works that seek to compare through various methodologies different forms of writing, whether textual, scenic, visual or sound-based. Cross-comparing these inquiries, it varies the points of view, in time and space, of the different literary, artistic, historical, linguistic and anthropological disciplines. It thus favours scientific approaches that are both resolutely plural and multidisciplinary, and which are the essential foundation of studies on the imaginary.

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