The Hypotheses Scientific Board welcomes its new members

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We received many applications in response to the call for expressions of interest we announced with a view to renewing the membership of the Hypotheses Scientific Board. The 18 members of the new board will work with the OpenEdition team to help define the platform’s direction and approve applications for new blogs. Members will sit for a two-year term, up to a maximum of two terms. The new board comprises the following members:

  • Anne Baillot
    Professor of Germanic Studies, Le Mans University
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: Digital Intellectuals, 140 Caractères and Wikipedia and the Humanities
  • Etienne Bourel
    PhD student in Anthropology, LADEC – Lyon 2 Lumière University
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: L’atelier du Tamis and Carnets de Terrain
  • Amélie Derome
    PhD student in British Literature, Aix-Marseille University
    English teacher, Paris-Nanterre University
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Il faut que jeunesse se passe
  • Deborah Dubald
    Teaching and Research Fellow in History of Science, University of Strasbourg
    Research blog on Hypotheses: History, on the road
  • Mathieu Jacomy
    Techno-anthropology PhD student working on visual network analysis, TANT-Lab, Copenhagen
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Reticular
  • Francois Jacquesson
    CNRS Research Director, Centre d’Etudes Himalayennes
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Caramel
  • Olivier Jacquot
    Head of Research Coordination, Bibliothèque nationale de France
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: Carnet de la recherche à la Bibliothèque nationale de France and Amoxcalli
  • Mareike Koenig – standing invitee, representative of the German-Language Hypotheses Scientific Board
    Director of the Digital Humanities and 19th Century Departments, German Historical Institute
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: Digital Humanities à l’IHA and Das 19. Jahrhundert in Perspektive
  • Marie-Laure Legay
    Professor of Early Modern History, UMR CNRS IRHIS – University of Lille
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la Ferme générale (1640-1794)
  • Bertrand Mocquet
    Digital expert, Agence de Mutualisation des Universités and Etablissements (AMUE)
    Researcher, MICA – Bordeaux Montaigne University
    Associate Researcher, CRESEM – University of Perpignan
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Une vision de la transformation numérique
  • Caroline Muller
    Lecturer in Modern History, Rennes 2 University
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: Acquis de conscience and Espaces réflexifs, situés, diffractés et enchevêtrés
  • Marine Parra
    PhD student in French Arts and Literature, ILLE – University of Haute Alsace
    Teaching and Research Fellow, TEMOS – University of South Brittany
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: « Jardin » de poésie and Eveille
  • Marie-Anne Paveau
    Professor of French Linguistics, University of Paris 13
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: La pensée du discours and Technologies discursives
  • Patrick Peccatte
    Computer scientist and independent researcher in visual studies
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Déjà Vu
  • Lissell Quiroz
    Professor in Latin American Studies and deputy director of the UFR Languages and International Studies, CY Cergy Paris University
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Perspectives décoloniales d’Abya Yala rspectives
  • Olivier Ritz
    Lecturer in French Literature, University of Paris
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Littérature and Révolution
  • Benoit Roux
    Doctor of Modern History
    Research Engineer, ERIAC – University of Rouen Normandie
    Research blogs on Hypotheses: Kalínago and L’Atelier des savoirs
  • Luis Velasco-Pufleau
    Associate Researcher at Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern
    Research blog on Hypotheses: Music, Sound and Conflict

The Hypotheses Scientific Board has an advisory and strategic role. It is supported by three additional Scientific Boards, whose remits respectively cover the German-speaking, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities on Hypotheses.

We would like to thank all members of the outgoing Scientific Board for their investment over the years.

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