The PLACES report is online!

The PLACES research report is available with open access in HAL. Funded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and coordinated by OpenEdition, the PLACES project (A collaborative platform for social issues) will enable social sciences researchers and journalists to work hand in hand on any given issue: to define a subject, explore a field and produce a common analysis, or to create the final product and release it together.

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In the first phase, three pilot projects were developed in partnership with 20 Minutes, Binge Audio and Café Babel  to conduct research on young people with Alzheimer’s disease, on local elections, and on social uses of contraception techniques.

These three interprofessional collaboration projects are described, along with how the partnerships caused adjustments to practices.  The report summarizes the challenges faced and how these problems were turned into solution-oriented recommendations for the creation of a platform to support this type of interprofessional collaboration.

The report has five sections:

  1. Context, goals and method
  2. Comparison of collaboration methods
  3. Adjustments made to practices after collaboration
  4. Characterizing interprofessional collaborations
  5. Recommendations for an interprofessional collaborative platform

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