DOAB achieves a major milestone

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), led by OpenEdition and OAPEN Foundation (Open Access Publishing in European Networks), has achieved a key milestone. After the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) named DOAB an international open science institution eligible for community funding, DOAB and OAPEN achieved their funding goal of €505,000 in three years, thanks to financing from 89 institutions in 14 countries. We are grateful to our partner institutions, who have been instrumental in supporting DOAB!

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DOAB is a directory of peer-reviewed open-access books and of publishers of open-access books. The program is operated by OpenEdition and OAPEN. The directory collects book metadata and makes open-access titles easier to find by increasing the reach, visibility, and impact of nearly 44,000 books from 526 publishers around the world.

OAPEN also offers an online library of downloadable open-access books where users can choose from 16,000 titles, many of which are also available from DOAB. With help from OpenEdition, many French publishers and more than 7,300 books in French have now been added to DOAB.

DOAB metadata is easy for libraries to integrate into their catalogs or offer via their aggregator of choice, giving researchers and students quick access to 44,000 open-access books. We verify the peer review procedure and licensing policies of all publishers listed in the directory to ensure that the books and their publishers follow best practices and to make DOAB a resource you can trust.

SCOSS set a funding target of €505,000 over three years to allow OAPEN and DOAB to maintain and expand their search for open-access books and to cover metadata entry, hosting, and cataloging.

Member libraries of DOAB and OAPEN receive exclusive benefits, including periodic analytics for all open-access books on OAPEN and a seat on member committees of both organizations.

DOAB Freemium partners

OpenEdition has six Freemium partner institutions that have helped fund DOAB:

  • Université de Poitiers
  • Université de Jean Moulin Lyon III
  • ENS de Lyon
  • Université de Paris
  • Université Paris Saclay
  • Université de Nantes

By becoming DOAB members, institutions support the cataloging of open-access monographs and thus help diversify our publication quality criteria by ensuring that the criteria match practices followed in France.

OpenEdition is extremely grateful to these institutions for their support. Their SCOSS memberships help keep DOAB and OAPEN going.

To learn more, read about:

You can also watch an interview of Niels Stern, director of OAPEN and co-director of DOAB along with Pierre Mounier, deputy director and head of the international department at OpenEdition.

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