The OpenEdition Journals review process

OpenEdition has launched a webpage dedicated to the review process for academic journals applying to join OpenEdition Journals. The page offers details on how submissions are evaluated and features a list of participating reviewers. It will be updated annually. OpenEdition and the Scientific Board are grateful to our reviewers for their hard work and their contributions to open science.

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Every year, OpenEdition Journals receives approximately 30 journals asking to join the website. The OpenEdition Scientific Board chooses which journals to accept, defer, or reject, aided by outside reviewers from academia.

Reviewer reports help maintain the academic rigor of our website and play a large part in developing open access to social science and humanities publications. The OpenEdition Membership Team chooses reviewers based on their fields and the journal topics.

The reports are submitted to the Scientific Board to help inform the Board’s recommendations at decision time. Once journals have been accepted or rejected, the reports are anonymized and may be sent to the applicants upon request as feedback and suggestions for improvements.

In the interest of maintaining a transparent selection process, and to recognize the work of reviewers, we have created an Academic Reviewers page on the OpenEdition website describing the work done and participating reviewers. The page will be updated annually.

The OpenEdition team and the Scientific Board would like to express their immense gratitude to the experts who have assisted in the review process.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, contact us at adhesion[at]openedition[dot]org, making sure to include your area of expertise and your institution.

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