OpenEdition supports the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access

On March 2, the French National Research Agency, Science Europe, the OPERAS research infrastructure, and cOAlition S announced the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. CNRS and OpenEdition are among the first to sign onto the plan, which promotes the “Diamond” publication model, allowing researchers to publish their work with no cost to either authors or readers. The Diamond model is mostly funded by grants from research institutions.

The Action Plan for Diamond Open Access was announced at the Paris Open Science European Conference (OSEC), held February 4–5 in honor of the handover of the rotating presidency of the European Union to France.

In 2020, the OPERAS consortium, coordinated by OpenEdition in partnership with Huma-Num, worked with its partners to conduct a survey to gain an overview of and catalog open-access journals that operate on the Diamond model, meaning they do not charge publication fees and are free to both authors and readers. The survey was part of a study of open-access journals commissioned by cOAlition S to explore and gain an understanding of collaborative, non-commercial models for the publication of open-access materials. Made public on March 2, the Action Plan spotlights this virtuous publication model and offers concrete ways to strengthen and grow it.

“The number, diversity, and quality of the forty or so organizations that have signed onto the Action Plan is a milestone in itself,” said Pierre Mounier, co-coordinator of OPERAS and deputy director and head of the international department at OpenEdition. “It means that the Diamond model, which was previously overshadowed by discussions of commercial publishing models, has found international support from influential organizations. The benefits of the model, which OpenEdition has promoted for more than twenty years, are becoming more widely known.” He added, “But it doesn’t stop here. As the Action Plan indicates, there is still a lot of work to be done. We need to improve coordination, pool resources, and find permanent funding, which is sorely lacking right now. We will be working on these issues together with our international partners in Europe and the Americas in the months and years to come.”

Read the press release from CNRS (in French).

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