Meet the OpenEdition Team! Spring–Summer 2022

The OpenEdition team will be attending and speaking at virtual and in-person conferences, symposia, meetings, and congresses specializing in digital publishing or libraries to offer user training, introduce our platforms, and meet our partners.

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Conferences and Symposia

June 14
ESS vendor forum ahead of ALA Annual Conference

Meetings and Congresses

May 9-10
3e Journées Repères, Strasbourg
Sandra Guigonis, Élodie Picard and Gwenn Dossmann will attend.

May 16
EHESS seminar « Faire une thèse en CIFRE » (hybrid)
Presentation of the COESO project by Alessia Smaniotto: “Recherches participatives et collaborations interprofessionnelles : le cas des projets PLACES et COESO”.

May 26
Citizen Science Conference (online)
Alessia Smaniotto will be speaking with Kelly Achenbach. Title of the presentation: “COESO project: connecting social sciences and humanities research & society” (poster session).

May 30-June 3
Dariah Conference, Athens
Alessia Smaniotto will attend the panel “Storytelling, experimentation and participatory methods: citizen and transdisciplinary collaborations, with Camilo Leon-Quijano and Véronique Bénéi. Title of the presentation: “How participatory research can reshape research writing: the example of the academic blogging practices of the COESO project

June 3
Seminar « La plateformisation de la science ouverte », Lille
Sandra Guigonis will attend.

June 8
Workshop “Finanziare la citizen science nelle scienze umane e sociali: incontro di confronto con gli enti finanziatori italiani”, Turin
Alessia Smaniotto will attend this workshop on the funding of citizen science in the fields of human and social sciences, as part of a series of national workshops organized by the COESO project. 

June 13-14
« Les 5 ans de Prairial », Lyon
Cédric Gaultier et Claire Dandieu will attend.

June 14
Forum des revues francophones de géographie, Paris
(program to be released)
Sandra Guigonis will attend.

June 16-17
Rencontres d’OpenEdition avec ses communautés, Marseille

June 30
Living Knowledge conference, Groningen
Presentation of the poster “Designing a “collaboratory” to enhance participatory research in the social sciences and the humanities”, by Alessia Smaniotto and Kelly Achenbach (poster session, from 1:30 p.m to 3 p.m).

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