Open access publications: PRISM by DOAB provides greater transparency for peer review processes

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) has launched its Peer Review Information Service for Monographs (PRISM). PRISM enables academic publishers to display information about their peer review processes across their entire catalogue. All open access books available on the OpenEdition Books platform and indexed by the DOAB will be able to benefit from this new service. PRISM is one of the services provided as part of the OPERAS project, which is coordinated by OpenEdition.

The DOAB is a discovery service for peer-reviewed open access academic books. It currently indexes more than 60,000 open access books from over 600 publishers from around the world. The service is aimed at individual readers and libraries, as well as research funding bodies wanting an official stamp of approval for the quality of the open access publications they finance.

PRISM’s goal is to provide greater transparency about the peer review processes applied to publishers’ books, with the idea of building trust in open access academic book publishing.

PRISM therefore helps publishers add information in their catalogue about the peer review processes applied to the books from their collection. On the DOAB website, the PRISM logo appears alongside the publishers and books involved. Peer review information is also included at the metadata level, making it accessible through the DOAB’s API, which is distributed free of charge and incorporated into library search tools worldwide.

10,602 open access books available on the OpenEdition platform are currently indexed by the DOAB. The 120 publishers whose collections are available online via OpenEdition Books will be able to use PRISM to showcase their peer review processes. 


The DOAB is a service created by the DOAB Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up by the OAPEN Foundation and OpenEdition. The DOAB’s Scientific Committee, which advises the executive and supervisory boards on scientific matters, oversees the development and implementation of this new certification tool.

PRISM is included in the portfolio of services provided by OPERAS, a European research infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities.

Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in the European Research Area (ERA) to efficiently address the scholarly communication needs of European researchers in the field of social sciences and humanities.

The PRISM project received European funding through the HIRMEOS and OPERAS-P projects and will be further developed as part of the OPERAS PLUS project.

For more information

Read the DOAB’s press release and the web page explaining PRISM.

Read the blogpost: DOAB Foundation: toward a European label for academic books in open access.

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