Amalivre and OpenEdition join forces to bring Francophone eBooks to a wider audience

Amalivre  and OpenEdition recently signed a partnership agreement to distribute humanities and social science eBooks to university libraries worldwide, including those in North America that are members of CIFNAL and specialize in Francophone resources. The partnership will ensure libraries and patrons have access to a high-quality service. It will also foster diversity in digital Francophone publications and boost the number of libraries supporting the OpenEdition Freemium program, which promotes open access.

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Almost 14,000 books published on OpenEdition Books will be listed and available for purchase on Amalivre’s eBook platform. Although libraries will purchase works through Amalivre, they will access them via the OpenEdition Books interface.

Around 400 university libraries across the globe, including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, will now be able to use the Amalivre platform to access Francophone works available on OpenEdition Books.

The collaboration between Amalivre and OpenEdition offers immediate advantages to libraries, as the works published on the OpenEdition Books platform now benefit from the range of services offered by Amalivre: de-duplication of books ordered (whether in print or online), tailored services (literature search, offers, new title announcements, cataloging), a customized purchasing journey (EDI, EOD, pre-order, etc.) and varied and flexible purchasing plans. OpenEdition partner libraries now have an additional solution for placing orders, on top of the options already available. This partnership is part of the OpenEdition Freemium program, whose goal is to develop open access scholarly publishing in the humanities and social sciences. The program targets academic institutions and libraries and seeks to build a sustainable economic model for open access, with their support. All the income generated by the program is reinvested in the development of digital open access scholarly publishing.


Situated in the heart of Paris, staffed by a team of 30 dedicated professionals and boasting ties with 30,000 publishers, Amalivre is the leading distributor of French and Francophone publications to libraries and research institutions worldwide, offering a comprehensive range of formats and purchasing options.  Amalivre offers innovative and tailored services to promote the French language and Francophone publishing around the world.  To better serve the French market, Amalivre acquired L’Appel du Livre in February 2022, a trusted partner of French university libraries, resource centers and businesses since 1986.


OpenEdition is a national research infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the humanities and social sciences. It brings together four platforms, one focusing on journals, OpenEdition Journals, one on book collections, OpenEdition Books, one on research blogs, Hypothèses, and one on academic events, Calenda. As a national research infrastructure, OpenEdition is supported by OpenEdition Center, a CNRS Support and Research Unit (UAR 2504) associated with Aix-Marseille University, the EHESS and Avignon University.

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