OpenEdition Books – 10 years already!

In 2023, OpenEdition Books reached the milestone of 14,000 books published online – what a way to celebrate its 10th anniversary! It has been a decade marked by collaborative work with publishers and partners, new technologies and upgrades, innovative projects and cross-team discussions: in other words, ten years of resounding success! A tremendous thank you to everyone who has contributed these last ten years to making OpenEdition Books an indispensable humanities and social sciences hub.

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The platform in 10 key figures

  • 127 publishers
  • 900 collections
  • 250,000 documents
  • 80,000 authors
  • 155 partner libraries
  • 12,000 open access publications (84% of the catalogue)
  • 100 million visits in total since its launch
  • 120,000 publications sold in book stores since its launch
  • 140,000 publications sold in libraries since its launch
  • €3M of turnover generated since the launch of the Freemium programme

10 successful years

2013Launch of the platform.
Launch of the OpenEdition Freemium for Books programme for libraries and institutions, and of sales in e-book stores.
2014Launch of the digitization support programme as part of Equipex DILOH, with the goal of digitizing 10,000 publications.
201550 online publishers on the platform.
2016Deployment of the Bilbo tool.
RSS feed customisable directly from the catalogue.
2017OpenEdition Books passes the milestone of 5 million views per year.
Deployment of the “Cited by” feature.
20185,000 books available online.
2019Co-creation of the DOAB foundation.
100 online publishers.
10 million views per year.
New search engine: Search.
Launch of the New Releases Service for libraries, with 17 publishing partners.
202010,000 books (Equipex target achieved). 
16 million views per year.
Migration to Bilbo V.2.
2021Deployment of Review of Books.
2022Over 20 million views per year.
Launch of OpenEdition’s cross-platform newsletter, including content from OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books, Calenda and Hypothèses.
202314,000 books available online and the 10th anniversary of OpenEdition Books!

10 years of Diamond Open Access

The OpenEdition Freemium for Books programme has been available to libraries and institutions for ten years now, helping them play an active role in the open access movement. Over 155 libraries are currently partners of our OpenEdition Freemium for Books programme, which has generated turnover of €3 million, two thirds of which has gone back to publishers.

Overall (including digital library services aimed at the general public), €2.5 million has gone back to publishers under the Freemium programme to help them pursue and develop their open access publishing work.

Publishers who publish on OpenEdition Books commit to making at least 50% of their content available in an open access version (open access, all formats included, or Freemium open access). Today, over 80% of books published on OpenEdition Books are available in a Diamond Open Access version.

Did you know?

Before the platform’s inception, publishers were already entrusting their collections to OpenEdition, which would publish them in a dedicated version on Twenty-two book collections were already available. However, not all migrated to the new OEB platform immediately. These same publishers all supported the launch of the platform in 2013, and continue to publish on it today. We would like to thank them for their long-standing trust and support:

And also…

Discover our collection of publications specially selected to celebrate the 10th anniversary of OpenEdition Books in this month’s OpenEdition newsletter, and stay tuned on social media for the next instalment of our anniversary celebrations!

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