Shorter waiting times for OpenEdition Journals applicants andupcoming deadlines

A few years ago, applicants submitting a journal to OpenEditions Journals could wait up to 24 months for a reply. After cutting the waiting time to 12 months in 2022, we have now further reduced it by six months. By expanding the team in charge of OpenEdition membership, with two people processing journal and book applications full time since 2021, we have succeeded in improving our response time despite the large number of applications (34 in 2022). 

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We carried all of this out as part of the DADAO (Open Access Development Support) project, coordinated by OpenEdition and Aix-Marseille University. 

But we would never have achieved our aims without the commitment of our scientific board members, who appraise applications four times a year. 

If you are part of a journal’s editorial team and you would like to join OpenEdition Journals, our page on how to apply is a good starting point. 

Upcoming deadlines for submitting applications: 

  • 05/03/2024
  • 28/05/2024
  • 17/09/2024
  • 12/11/2024

Please be aware that some of the deadlines applicable to applications are non-negotiable, because they involve external appraisals, complex applications, and communication with editorial teams.

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