Meet the OpenEdition team! Summer 2024

The OpenEdition team will be attending conferences and seminars specializing in digital publishing or dedicated to libraries to offer user training, introduce our platforms and meet our partners.

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Conferences and Symposia

28 June-1 July
American Library Association Annual Conference, San Diego (United States)
Meet Julie Therizols and Breno Santos on the OpenEdition stand.

Meetings and Congresses

June 18-20 
CRAFT-OA Consortium meeting, Helsinki (Finland)
Pierre Mounier and Arnaud Gingold will attend.

June 18-21
DARIAH Annual event, Lisbon (Portugal)
Presentation of the poster “Training design as a workflow: producing adaptable and reusable learning pathways for Arts and Humanities”, by Karla Avanço.

June 24-27 
École d’été THEMTECH, EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Simon Dumas Primbault will be present with a lecture on experimental history of science and digital archive.

June 26
10th Living Knowledge Conference, Girona (Spain)
Alessia Smaniotto will be presenting the 5-Minute Exposé “Useful Engaged Learnings” alongside Helen Szoor-McElhinney, Hannah Tweddell, Elisabet Bonfill Molina and Nadia Fava.

June 26-28
12es Journées du réseau Médici, Lyon (France)
Cédric Gaultier and Gwenn Dossmann-Ritter will be leading a workshop to present Lodel 2 and the new OpenEdition-commons-publishing model.
Lucie Delaunay, Anne-Sibylle Loiseau, Julien Mairey, Simon Pioud, Julie Pynte, Claire Remoué and Minas Ouchaklian will be present.

July 16-19 
4S/EASST Conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Simon Dumas Primbault et Pierre Mounier will attend the  panel “OpenScience Platforms: Empowering the digital transformation of science?”. Title of the presentation: “Openedition as a governed milieu: towards an ecological understanding of open digital knowledge infrastructures”.

Alessia Smaniotto will attend the panel Unexpected ways of knowledge production. Spaces for co-creation in Research Infrastructures”. Title of the presentation: Supporting knowledge production within citizen science collaborations involving the social sciences and the humanities.

Agust 22-23 
GDR ModMat, Banyuls-sur-Mer (France)
Simon Dumas Primbault will host the conference “Chassez la théorie, elle revient au galop. Production, stockage et partage des données de la recherche au LHC” as well as the workshop “Faire l’analyse critique d’un pipeline d’analyse de données. Un cas d’étude en humanités numériques”.

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