(Academic) community management in the humanities and social sciences for publishers and librarians. A Summer university lecture

In this lecture, we will explore the opportunities and challenges posed by managing an academic community in the Social Web age from the perspective of publishers and librarians (or anyone involved with community management in an academic context). We will start by giving a basic definition of academic community management and then proceed by describing several examples of web-based publishing platforms in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We will outline the considerations that played a role in their development beyond technical issues (What kind of platforms are there? What kind of organizational structure is suitable to run them? How is participation organized? How are traditional forms of scholarly communication reconciled with new technological options?) and address both promises and risks associated such platforms. In a second segment following the presentation of these case studies, more general aspects of the relationship between researchers, libraries and publishers in terms of their respective roles will be discussed.
The contexts in which the participants engage with academic communities as part of their respective work will a central concern from the start and active participation will be strongly encouraged.
The class will be held in English.

Cornelius Puschmann is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer (ger. wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) in English linguistics at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf who is interested in computer-mediated communication, digital methods in the Humanities and scholarly communication.

September 13 2011, 10h30-12h30, Charve auditorium, Université de Provence, Saint-Charles campus, Marseille

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