Open Electronic Publishing Summer University: programme

The circulation of knowledge in the digital era. What are the connections between authors, publishers, libraries and readers of digital books?

Here is the detailed programme of the Open Electronic Publishing Summer University. Registered participants will soon find all the practical information they need to choose the lectures and workshops they wish to take part in on this blog.
Please note that a public debate will be held on at 18.00 on Friday 16 September in the Alcazar Library, bringing the week to a close in a meeting open to everyone. Further information will soon be published in the blog about it.

Monday 12

9h-10h: opening conference
Introduction to the Summer University

Lecture 1: Is reading a social activity? / Hubert Guillaud
Lecture 2: The UnLibrary project: amplified authors  / Chris Meade

Workshop 1: Using Lodel for publishing books and journals online 1/2
Workshop 2: Bibliographical monitoring with online tools
Workshop 3: XML TEI for publishing 1/2
Workshop 4: Integrating OpenEdition content into a library or institution’s information management system
Workshop 5: Developing online scientific knowledge

18h: evening event
Conference: On digital reading / Michel Roland

Tuesday 13

9h-10h: opening lecture
Digital documents and distribution platforms / Jean Michel Salaün

Lecture 1: From open access to Freemium / Françoise Benhamou
Lecture 2: (Academic) community management in the humanities and social sciences for publishers and librarians / Cornélius Pushmann

Workshop 1: Using Lodel for publishing books and journals online 2/2
Workshop 2: Setting up and implementing network reading tools
Workshop 3: XML TEI for publishing 2/2
Workshop 4: Enriching metadata: manual and automated methods
Workshop 5: Relaying OpenEdition content to your websites

18h: evening event
BookCamp: presentation of electronic publishing projects

Wednesday 14

9h-10h: opening lecture
Electronic reading tablets / Hervé Bienvault

Lecture 1: Experiments with digital publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS): possibilities and challenges / Janneke Adema
Lecture 2: Print on demand: state of the market, uses and their development / Inès de Montesquieu, Pierre Mounier, Solène Roulet

14h: Boat trip at sea

Thursday 15

9h-10h: opening conference
The issues involved in the cyber-infrastructures of the knowledge economy / Françoise Thibault

Lecture 1: A new alliance between publishers and librarians for the sustainable development of open acess: OpenEdition freemium / Guy Teasdale, Jean-Christophe Peyssard
Lecture 2: Points of concern and innovations regarding copyright in the virtual world / Lionel Maurel

Workshop 1: Using the Manuscrits platform to manage the publishing workflow of a journal 1/2
Workshop 2: Using multimedia platforms to disseminate “expanded editions”
Workshop 3: Designing and producing an ePub edition of a book 1/2
Workshop 4: Optimising content indexing for Isidore platform
Workshop 5: How to open a research blog on

18h: evening event
Presentation and discussion of fair licensing / Hervé Le Crosnier

Friday 16

9h-10h: opening conference
Electronic publishing in developing countries: the emergence of new models / Octavio Kulesz

Lecture 1: Information-related researcher practices: survey results and analysis / G. Gallezot, M. Roland
Lecture 2: Carte Blanche to François Bon: Books and digital books, how to go about it?

Workshop 1: Using the Manuscrits platform to manage the publishing workflow of a journal 2/2
Workshop 2: Advanced blogging on
Workshop 3: Prepraring and producing an ePub edition of a book 2/2
Workshop 4: Using the Calenda webservice on dissemination platforms
Workshop 5: Preparing texts for Lodel

18h: evening event
Reading/Writing in the digital age: public debate at the Alcazar Library with a presentation by if:book, the Institute for the future of the Book

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