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But today by GoldsardineThe Centre for open electronic publishing (Marseille, France) is pleased to announce the launch of OpenEdition, the umbrella portal for, Calenda and, three platforms providing unlimited access to their content. If we have called the program “OpenEdition”, it is because we intend to promote the profile and production of open-access academic research publications internationally. Concomitant to the inauguration of the portal, we have also inaugurated the OpenEdition Freemium program, designed for libraries eager to contribute to the financing of open-access publishing and to encourage good distribution practices of research work within the humanities and social sciences.

OpenEdition is an umbrella for’s journal and book series catalogue, Calenda’s academic announcement service, as well as research notebook catalogue. It has a single search engine covering all three platforms putting all their services – articles, announcements, etc – at your fingertips. There is a single browsing bar covering all three platforms of the portal enabling you ready access to the full range of services, which you will discover as you consult the site. This toolbar also provides a whole host of contextual information and services.

The OpenEdition browsing toolbar enables you to download PDF and EPUB versions of the texts you wish to consult, for e-readers and smartphones. Access to these formats is limited to libraries subscribing to the OpenEdition Freemium program, which encompasses publications to have elected this economic model.

OpenEdition also offers an alert and subscription service. This alert service enables you to automatically receive alerts based on keywords of your choice by email. For example, a notification based on the word “cyber” will notify readers every time this word appears on, Calenda, or The service is highly customisable and it is possible to add filters, by requesting information from the Calenda platform only, for example. It is also possible to refine your search to specific fields, to request alerts for articles published by a specific author, or limit your search to title and extracts only.
Alerts are limited to 3 per user. Subscribers to OpenEdition Freemium have unlimited access.

Aside from the alert system, we also offer a tool which enables subscription to specific publications and which then enables you to receive all of a journal’s articles by email, along with all the latest announcements on Calenda relating to your chosen subject category, as well as any new relevant articles from research notebooks. You can, for example, subscribe to the Culture et Politiques Arabes notebook or the Leçons Inaugurales du Collège de France. Such subscriptions are without restrictions for all users.

The portal is in its early days, and teething problems are always a possibility. Do not hesitate to inform us of any difficulties you experience using the tool!

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