Two new journals released on in January: Memini and La philosophie de la connaissance au Collège de France

Memini. Travaux et documents

A multidisciplinary journal on the Middle Ages and the early modern period

Memini. Travaux et documents publishes work in all disciplines relating to the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern period. The journal is published by the Société des études médiévales du Québec whose main aim is to promote scientific research into medieval studies in Quebec. For the opening of its site on, Memini is offering its last three issues on open access. The journal is part of the OpenEdition Freemium program.

La philosophie de la connaissance au Collège de France

A book series aiming to reflect the vitality of the Collège de France in the field of the philosophy of knowledge

Thanks to the teaching of Jules Vuillemin, Jacques Bouveresse  and Claudine Tiercelin, the philosophy of knowledge has been well represented at the Collège de France for fifty years now. Based on the tradition of French rationalism, drawing on philosophies in the German and English languages as well as on styles of analytical thinking, it developed in original way. The web site of La philosophie de la connaissance au Collège de France will be publishing books in both French and English written by the three lecturers, or closely related to their chairs and respective work. This work will be accessible in PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program.

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