,’s new Spanish-language platform

From 14-16 March, the team will be in Madrid for the public launch of’s Spanish-language platform, Two training sessions in academic blogging will also be organised for the new platform which is already online in its alpha version. The aim of the three days of activities is to introduce to the Spanish and Franco-Spanish academic community.
In collaboration with Casa de Velázquez and UNED, we shall be organising a French training session on 14 March followed by a Spanish training session on 15 March. The sessions are made up of an introduction to the issues surrounding academic blogging and a presentation of’s special features, followed by practical exercises enabling participants to understand the main functions of academic blogging. The existence of an ongoing blog project is not a pre-requisite for participation in the training sessions.
Thanks to the support of Medialab Prado, the new will be presented Friday 16 March at midday at a session discussing academic blogging practices. The meeting will involve various researcher-bloggers who will share their experiences. The presentation of will be included in a discussion of common practices and shared experiences as well as in a more formal presentation of the project. The existence of a special academic blogging platform contributes to making practices more visible and above to their recognition as an integral, accountable part of research activity. The policy of internationalisation aims to make the tool available to other academic communities who contribute to this recognition.
An alpha version of the portal,, currently contains posts from all Spanish-language research blogs on The platform has its own academic council composed of researchers and people involved in the Digital Humanities, and people working with the community’s dynamic tools and supporting Francophone bloggers.
Schedule of events:

  • training in French: Wednesday 14 March, 9am-15pm, Casa de Velázquez. To sign up, please write to
  • training in Spanish: Thursday 15 March, 9am-3pm, UNED, Facultad de Educación. To sign up, please complete the online form available here:
  • Presentation of the platform: Friday 16 March, 12pm, Medialab Prado, free entry. For more information, click here:

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