Who are we Digital Humanists? A Humanistica survey

Humanistica, the future European DH Association, launches a survey to find out about the digital humanists’ community.

Answer the online survey

The Humanistica project and the DH manifesto

By responding to this survey, you will help the Digital Humanities community discover its extent and diversity, as well as its geographical and linguistic composition. We hope you will be willing to participate in this survey and thus improve the understanding of our community. This questionnaire, which is an initiative of the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Cleo) and OpenEdition.org, is a contribution to the Humanistica Project: towards a European association for the Digital Humanities, building on the ideas expressed in the Digital Humanities Manifesto, based on a multilingual approach, and democratic principles (one person, one vote). If you agree with the principles of the Digital Humanities, you can sign it (http://www.humanistica.eu/manifesto). Thank you for your contribution!

The survey organisers

Aurélien Berra, Université Paris 10
Lou Burnard, TEI consortium
Delphine Cavallo, Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
Frédéric Clavert, CVCE
Marin Dacos, CNRS
Michael Eberle Sinatra, Université de Montréal
Domenico Fiormonte, Roma Tre Università
Hubert Guillaud, InternetActu.net
Peter Haber, Universität Basel
Marion Lame
Clément Levallois, University Rotterdam
Benoit Majerus, Université du Luxembourg
Claudine Moulin, Universität Trier
Pierre Mounier, EHESS
Amanda Shuman, University of California, Santa Cruz
Christof Schöch, Université de Würzburg et DARIAH-DE
Francesco Stella, Università di Arezzo
Nadine Wanono, CNRS

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