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As Hypotheses expands, its scope is becoming increasingly international, and so the platform is changing. The internationalisation of Hypotheses is an active process: it is not just about hosting bloggers writing in different languages from around the world, but about creating a specially adapted space to facilitate expression for all and exchange between everyone. It is not enough to translate the platform into English, but to respect and articulate the majority of languages in which Hypotheses’ academic bloggers wish to express themselves. It is also an issue of extending and adapting Hypotheses to the specifics of the different academic communities.
It is through this basis that Hypotheses technical architecture, the system of content visibility it hosts and its community management have been modified.

1. Platform architecture

Since September 2011 three linguistic portals have appeared: de.Hypotheses, the German-speaking community portal, es.Hypotheses, the Spanish-speaking community portal and fr.Hypotheses, the French-speaking community portal.
Hypotheses has thus become the platform and gallery for international content.

The linguistic portals also use the aggregation functions until now reserved for Hypotheses: they display, on the homepage and in the upper band, recent posts selected by their own academic committee. Hypotheses now automatically aggregates all posts published on all linguistic portals. Blogs are associated, according to their language, to one or several portals, if the blog is multilingual.

2. Visibility of content

Thus posts published and selected by the academic committee are published on two sites,  the main platform and the language portal. The list of blogs collated by language is published on each platform.

Furthermore, linguistic aggregation increases the legibility of the platform and facilitates access to content. Thus we can legitimately expect an increase and diversification in visits, which should become more international.

Finally, Hypotheses bloggers will belong to a genuine international community, thus increasing opportunities for discussion, relationships and discovery.

3. Community

Thanks to the collaboration of international partners, the hosting and communication tools enjoyed by the French-speaking community, are gradually being translated and implemented in German and Spanish. The “Bloghaus” and “Casa de los blogs” now host the essential posts from La maison des carnets as well as operational documentation. The blogger discussion list now appears in German and Spanish. Finally, teams and academic committees have become more international to editorialise, reflect upon and host these new communities, in the best possible conditions.

Several addresses for browsing the new Hypotheses ecosystem:

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