Five new journals on OpenEdition

Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie

A journal presenting research on world music

Founded in Geneva in 1988 within the framework of the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie, the Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles took over from Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie in 2007. The journal is published annually, and each volume focuses on a theme, to which the top specialists in the discipline of ethnomusicology contribute. These theme issues are complemented by interviews, portraits and reports. The Cahiers is the only French-speaking ethnomusicology journal and, in the last few years, has become an indispensable tool for all music professionals, and a fascinating read for all involved in the music world. Since 1994, the Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie has become the academic organ of the Société Française d’Ethnomusicologie. For the open of the journal’s site, twenty issues are available online, including sixteen on open access in full text.


The French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World

The aim of InMedia. The French Journal of Media and Media Representations in the English-Speaking World is to study the media and media representations in the English-speaking world. The journal focuses on the press, photography, painting, cinema, television, video games, music, radio and the Internet among other fields of study. It provides a multidisciplinary approach and comparative perspectives. Contributions are welcome from many research areas, including history, economics, political sciences, sociology, aesthetics, anthropology or science and communication studies. For the opening of the site an inaugural issue “Global Film and Television Industries Today” is online in full text in HTML and, via the OpenEdition Freemium program, in PDF and ePub formats.


A journal centred on the “agrégation” syllabus and the most recent forms and terms to arise in philosophical research

The Philosophique journal is published once per year and has a dual function: 1. encourage reflection around themes dealt with in the agrégation program; and 2. study the most recent forms and terms to arise in philosophical research. The journal, founded in 1986 on Louis Ucciani’s initiative, is today published by the Presses Universitaires de Franche-Comté. The site opens with the full 1998-2012 collection, i.e. 15 issues, on open access and in full text. All articles are available for consultation in HTML, and for download in PDF and ePub via the OpenEdition Freemium program.

Les Cahiers d’EMAM

Interdisciplinary journal on urban issues in the Arab world and around the Mediterranean Sea

Les Cahiers d’EMAM  is an interdisciplinary publication contributing to studies on the Arab world and Mediterranean and their interaction with the rest of the world. The journal studies urban questions and processes of territorial construction and change in their social , economic and political dimensions. The Cahiers d’EMAM is published by the Équipe Monde Arabe et Méditerranée (UMR CITERES) from the université François-Rabelais in tours, and resumes the work of the Cahiers d’URBAMA, published from 1988 (no. 1) to 2000 (no. 15). For the opening of the site, 5 issues are available on open access in full text, the whole of the Cahiers collection (nos. 16-20).

Revue des sciences religieuses

The journal covers all disciplines of theology, canon law and religious studies

The Revue des sciences religieuses is an academic publication, written and published by the lecturer-researchers of the Faculté de Théologie Catholique de Strasbourg. The journal covers all disciplines of theology, canonical law and religious sciences: exegesis, history, fundamental and dogmatic theology, pastoralism and practice, ethics, philosophy and ecumenical studies.


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